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We have made it our objective to help debt collection companies generate more sales. Our roots are in the classic debt collection business so we can address the challenges you are facing.

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Worldwide payment processing with 200+ options

With Demondo as your partner, you can offer your debtors through out the world with the most popular payment methods in all of your desired countries. We offer you a highly modern, innovative solution tailored to your requirements - 100% made in Germany, PCI DSS certified, scalable and secure. Over 200 payment methods worldwide are waiting for your debtors.


  • convenient & simple payment processes for your debtors
  • over 200 different payment methods worldwide
  • fair conditions
  • if required, the debtor bears the costs of processing the payment
  • Process- we can optimize this by integrating it into your own debtor portal /
    alternatively, you can use the debtor portal - DEMONDO PAYGATE
  • flexible processes

The world is open to you!

Our companies flexibity helps us to design customer centric process designs. You determine which payment methods you would like to offer your debtors. Whether credit card, PayPal, direct debit, instant transfer, cash payments or other -  we can accommodate any requirements you have with the most competitive conditions. In addition, we offer you to charge the debtor the costs for payment processing, if possible.

With "Demondo Pay Now" we offer your debtors a highly innovative method to settle your outstanding debts. You provide them an extremely convenient way to pay your open claims.

The effect: Thanks to the different payment methods and the user-friendliness, your payment rate in your collection process is significantly higher!

The money is received exclusively on your bank account.


Receive letter

Your debtors will get your
collection letters as usual
by post and / or email

Direct link / QR-Code
to payment page

Your debtors will receive a
QR-Code and / or direct link
to the payment page.

Online payment

Claims can be settled
within a minute by selecting
the desired payment method.

DEMONDO Paygate - Your own debtor portal

You don't have your own debtor portal yet? No problem, DEMONDO Paygate will serve you the best. We can create a multilingual online debtor portal for you, which can be adapted to your corporate design on request. Payments, downloads and queries ? In your paygate, your debtors will find the payment options and detailed information that you would like to store there - 24/7 & all over the world. The effect: Your debtors understand your claims, which results in a hugher success rate interms of receiving your claims. Fast and easy payment options reinforce this effect.

  • on request in your corporate design
  • efficient online tool for debtor information, payment & dialogue
  • View / download relevant documents & FAQs
  • Possibility of contact between the debtor and yourself
  • direct payment with 200+ payment options
  • all languages


How your paygate could look like


You already have a debtor portal or don't need one?

Don't worry, you can still use our payment service. You have two options:

Integration of our services into your debtor portal

We offer you the opportunity to integrate our service into your possibly existing debtor portal. The money is received exclusively on your business account.

Use of Demondo Pay Now

You can also use our service without an existing debtor portal. With Demondo Pay Now, a QR code / payment link can be integrated into your collection letter - your debtor will be taken to a payment page where they can choose from a variety of payment options.

Worldwide collection with Demondo as your partner!

Use our worldwide network for your expansion abroad.This is how it works: You hand over your international claims to us, we take over the complete process in the background, legally secure and in the respective national language of your debtors. Reporting and payment of the successfully collected amounts are carried out directly to you so that they can be passed on to your customers.

We do not get in touch with your customers any time during the whole process!


With our reporting tool “EasyDebt”, you have an overview of your worldwide claims at any time from anywhere. You can use your personal customer account to find out about the processing status of your orders around the clock. The interactive world map / map of your target market shows you all the ongoing business activities in real time. You can easily determine the current status of the procedures transmitted, incoming payments and the underlying sums for each country.

Are you particularly interested in certain values? We adapt the content and scope of reporting to your individual requirements at any time. You can then export statistics and evaluations as an Excel file with one click.

We never come into contact with your customers during the entire process! Reporting and payment of the successfully collected amounts are carried out directly to you to be passed on to your customers.

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