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Worldwide payment services for debt collection agencies

For debt collection companies it is often a challenge to reconcile the important issues related to "payment" - with us, this is no problem!

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Our enormous flexibility opens unimagined possibilities in process design. You decide which payment methods you want to offer your debtors. Whether credit card, PayPal, direct debit, instant bank transfer, cash or other - with us everything is possible! And at conditions that are probably more favourable than those of other competitors. In addition, we offer to charge the debtor for the costs of processing the payment.

More than 200 payment methods!


  • flexible processes
  • comfortable & easy payment process for your debtors
  • more than 200 payment methods worldwide
  • fair conditions
  • on request the debtor bears the costs for payment processing

Individual solutions

With Demondo as your partner you can offer your debtors payment methods worldwide customised to all your desired countries. We offer you a highly modern, innovative solution tailored to your requirements - 100% made in Germany, PCI DSS certified, scalable, and secure. Over 200 payment methods worldwide are waiting for your debtors!

With “Demondo Pay Now”, we offer your debtors a highly innovative way to settle your outstanding claims. We provide your debtors with a very convenient way to pay their claims.

The effect: Thanks to the different payment methods and the ease of use, your pay-out ratio is significantly higher in your collection procedures!

The money will only be received in your bank account.


Receive letter

Your debtors will receive your
collection letters as usual
by mail and/ or e-mail.

Direct link to
the payment page

Debtors who receive your letters
will find a QR-code/ direct
link to the payment page.

Pay online

It can be settled within
a minute using the
desired payment method.

Debtor portal or Demondo Pay Now?

You decide!

You can either integrate our payment service into your existing debtor portal or use it independently with "Demondo Pay Now".

Integration of our service into your debtor portal

We offer you the possibility to integrate our service into your possibly existing debtor portal. The money will only be credited to your business account.

Use of Demondo Pay Now

You can also use our service without an existing debtor portal. With Demondo Pay Now, a QR code/payment link can be integrated onto your collection letters - your debtor is taken to a payment page where they can choose from a variety of payment options.

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