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Are you looking for a partner with whom you can realise worldwide payment processing? With Demondo you have found it! Together with you, we develop a payment process that is perfectly tailored to your needs. The result: top customer satisfaction on all devices and first-class sales figures.

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Optimized checkout

A major revenue killer in online retail is purchase abandonment at checkout. The reasons range from limited payment methods and a lack of security to errors in user guidance. With Demondo, you can now rely on proven processes: state-of-the-art technologies, convenient control and an optimized design ensure pleasant shopping experiences and minimized abandonment. In short: Boost your sales with Demondo!

Comfort on all devices

The best partners in the world.

Whether you are using a tablet, smartphone or laptop, Demondo guarantees a secure and enjoyable shopping experience on all devices.

Important: Your customers retain an overview of the purchase process at all times. This effectively minimizes bounce rates.


Our Solutions

Optimized formular

We support users on mobile devices with the help of optimized form fields, which let the appropriate keyboard appear depending on the required input. For example, at the date of birth, only the number keyboard is displayed to simplify typing and guarantee maximum comfort.

Live Validation

Incorrectly entered e-mail addresses, passwords or postal codes are a thing of the past. The user receives IMMEDIATE feedback in the event of an incorrect entry. This increases the user-friendliness and thus reduces the number of purchase cancellations.

Evaluation of e-mail addresses

Entered e-mail addresses are checked in the background in real time – the user is automatically shown suggestions for improvement in the event of typing errors. Our solution also detects when the user has already been on the move in your webshop – the form can be filled out automatically if required.

Google Maps implementation

When you enter your address data, your user will automatically receive suitable suggestions to complete the form in lightning speed. Simple, fast, safe and comfortable – your customer will thank you!


Another convincing solution from Demondo is our service JETZTZAHLEN.DE. This allows your customers a convenient way to pay their receivables. You also guarantee this for payments where the purchase and the payment are not in time. This allows your customers to pay the invoice online with the most popular payment methods after receiving the goods. A service that will get around quickly and thus represents an effective marketing argument!


Online payment

The invoice is paid online within
one minute using the
desired payment method.

Direct link to
the payment party

Customers relase your bill,
find a direct link to the
payment party on the bill.

Receive invoice

Your customers will receive
the invoice as usual by e-mail.

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