Order to Cash

Would you like to concentrate more on business tasks and processes to create maximum value? Then simply hand over your orders to us immediately upon reception. With our efficient Order to Cash process, we'll configure and take over all tasks for you, from receipt of order to successful payment of the outstanding debt.

Our goal: a seamless purchasing process and full customer satisfaction

Having to worry about unpaid bills and annoying returns is now a thing of the past. As a professional service provider, we'll take over these processes for you and - if unavoidable - also take the path of debt collection. Our top priority at all times is to maintain your reputation and the good relationship with your customers.

For you, Order to Cash means optimal purchasing processes and efficient receivables management. This allows you to concentrate fully on the development and marketing of your products and to put your company on a growth course.

Order to Cash – from order to receipt of money

We'll set up the entire receivables cycle for you and take care of it for you from order acceptance to receipt of money or - if unavoidable - to enforcement. The order-to-cash process is structured along the following stages:

  1. Order acceptance in different languages – we accept the orders of your customer in his language.
  2. Storage, disposition and dispatch of the goods – with our partners we take care of the dispatch of the goods as well as possible subsequent deliveries to your customers.
  3. We take over the invoicing as well as the dispatch of invoice and delivery note.
  4. We also process returns and manage complaints
  5. We monitor incoming payments for you and write reminders or credit notes on your behalf.
  6. The last commercial reminder takes place on request by DEMONDO. This enables you to significantly increase your debtors' willingness to pay.
  7. The process can be seamlessly transferred to debt collection if required. We take over the entire debt collection process for you, from the dunning notice to the compulsory debt enforcement.

You’re advantages at a glance

  • Professional risk assessment – we'll take care of credit and risk management as well as the granting and monitoring of credit limits.
  • Protection and security – we'll integrate trade credit and bad debt insurance for you.
  • Maximum transparency - our online portal gives you full insight into all current activities at all times.
  • Full control - You can pause or cancel orders and invoices at any time and thus actively intervene in the processes.
  • Active around the world - thanks to our international orientation, we can support you in all your activities both at home and abroad.

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Gain time and new scope to focus on the things that really make your business successful. We'll keep your back free and increase your liquidity.
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