Centralized receivables management

All receivables processes for Germany, Europe and all over the world from a strong partner

Once you have rendered your service or shipped the goods, you will generally tend to issue an invoice and devote your attention to the next order. But a lot can happen after the invoice has been sent out. Some customers accidentally do not pay on time, others because they have a financial bottleneck or are insolvent. These delays cause costs on your side and waste valuable time and money.

Save yourself the resources to pursue open claims. If you decide to entrust us with your central receivables management, we will reliably take all the necessary steps for you after the invoice has been sent out.

Centralized receivables management –
all services for you at a glance

  • Posting of payments
  • If necessary, processing of objections
  • Dunning with your letterhead - customers do not see any difference
  • Final commercial reminder from us - a strong signal effect that significantly increases willingness to pay
  • If required and after consultation with you: Debt collection, issuing an order for payment and - if unavoidable - also foreclosure
  • Long-term monitoring of your receivables
  • Complete processing - you have one contact for various locations throughout Germany or internationally including reporting for these locations and cumulative view.

Gain the freedom and focus to concentrate on the things that make your business successful. As a professional service provider at your side, we'll keep your back free and increase your liquidity.

Your advantages at a glance

  • You save time, money and hassle to track outstanding receivables and can focus on your core business.
  • Maximum efficiency. We ensure that individual processes interlock perfectly.
  • You improve your liquidity.
  • Transparency in all processes. Our online portal gives you full insight into your receivables management at all times. You can track the status of your outstanding receivables conveniently and in real time.
  • Maintain good customer relations. We get your customers to settle their invoices and at the same time maintain your good relationship with them.

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