Legal dunning procedure

Dealing with debtors is a challenge for many companies. Have you also tried to find a solution with your debtor and, despite extensive efforts, have been left with your debts? In such a situation, there is often no way without the legal dunning procedure.

Be careful - there are many stumbling blocks in the form of deadlines and formalities. Even small errors in the dunning notice or missed deadlines can cause additional expenses, extend the duration of the dunning procedure and set you back in your efforts. As your professional partner we are at your side. We will give you a well-founded assessment in which case a legal dunning procedure can be useful and will take over all necessary tasks for you.

Well prepared for the legal dunning procedure

Save yourself the paperwork - we take care of all the preparations for the legal dunning procedure. We obtain information about the creditworthiness of your debtor in advance. After consultation with you, we will apply for a court order at the competent local court on your behalf, ensuring that the formalities are correct. We know from experience what is important. We coordinate the necessary appointments for you and keep all deadlines, so that you get your money as quickly as possible.

Your advantages with Demondo

  • Efficient processing because of first-class know-how and a lot of experience
  • Fair rates and success-oriented remuneration
  • Save time and money and concentrate on the business activities that make your company successful
  • Guarantee of the formal correctness of the court order
  • We give you a well-founded assessment as to whether a legal dunning procedure is useful

Legal dunning procedure - what happens afterwards?

If you have obtained a writ of execution in the legal dunning procedure, the claim is valid for 30 years - you can therefore enforce for 30 years from the writ of execution. In some cases, however, your debtor may refuse to pay outstanding debts or simply not be able to do so due to insolvency. Then it is important to act quickly and to proceed strategically so that you do not end up being stuck with your demands.

No worries: With us you have an experienced partner at your side. We examine the necessary steps for you in each individual case and initiate all necessary measures in close cooperation with you so that the procedure ends positively for you.

Instruct Demondo

The application for a court order for payment not only costs money, but also a lot of time, which is subsequently missing in the daily business. Therefore, hand over your outstanding receivables to a strong partner like us. With our many years of know-how and maximum transparency, we will guide you through the dunning process and explain how you can get your money successfully at the lowest possible cost. In doing so, we always act seriously and in a spirit of partnership in order to protect both your good reputation and the future business relationship with your debtor.


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