Factoring for SMEs

Our factoring solutions give you valuable time and financial leeway. So you can respond flexibly to market developments and invest when the opportunity presents itself – regardless of your bank.

In recent years, factoring has established itself as a form of receivables financing, especially for small and medium-sized companies – a secret recipe that will help you secure your liquidity in the long term.

Factoring gives you a clear advantage:

  1. You reduce liabilities
  2. You shorten your balance sheet
  3. You benefit from discounts and special conditions

Do you need targeted support for one of your factoring activities? Are you looking for an attractive overall package for your receivables management?

With our holistic approach, we can support you in optimally setting up your factoring processes and, if you wish, supplement them with business and credit information.

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3 good reasons for intelligent factoring

  1. Independence
    Sometimes things don't go as planned. A claim might be delayed or fail completely and the reserves are not sufficient to bridge the bottleneck.
    The first port of call? Your local bank. But this step can quickly bring with it new challenges and further restrict your room for manoeuvre.
    The alternative? Our intelligent factoring solutions! Have you got unpaid bills? Simply sell us your outstanding receivables. You will immediately receive the financial means from us, without being dependent on a bank. We will then collect the money from your customer.
  2. Security
    When transferring your open receivables, you also assign the default risk to us. We will then take over the settlement with your debtor for you, so that you can concentrate entirely on your core business. This gives you planning security, liquidity and valuable leeway for the investments you want to make. Furthermore, you can avoid the costs of a credit insurance.
  3. Strength
    With the right factoring solutions, you can simultaneously secure your liquidity and strengthen your market position. You will thus improve your negotiating position with suppliers and banks and obtain more favourable conditions from lenders. From this strong position you can then also accommodate the needs of your customers and give them longer payment terms.


As a medium-sized entrepreneur, you will benefit from immediate financial resources. In addition, you will no longer need internal receivables management as we will take care of payment defaults. And last but not least, we will assume 100 percent of the default risk.
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