Extrajudicial dunning procedures

Have you got unpaid bills? And you don't want the hassle of having to deal with them? Of course, you don't want to do without the payments, but you also don't want to endanger the good relationship with your customer? Then trust Demondo!

We are your reliable partner to efficiently collect outstanding receivables. We provide successful solutions for extrajudicial debt collection.

Polite, cooperative, to the point

Polite yet assertive communication at eye level – that is our top priority in every interaction with your customers. We know from experience that payment defaults can also turn out well. With our approach, you can be sure to quickly continue your fruitful customer relationships.

On request we will be happy to support you from the initial commercial dunning procedure to the final receipt of payment. We'll write reminders for you and talk to your debtor so that you can quickly count on your money. You can view the current processing status of your receivables at any time in your customer account. This saves you annoying paperwork and gives you more time for the activities that really get you ahead.

Your dunning procedure in good hands:

  • Design your dunning procedures respectfully and efficiently.
  • Avoid unnecessary legal means.
  • Save time, money and hassle.
  • Secure the relationship with your customer.
  • Maintain your good reputation.

Take care of payment defaults before they occur

With our additional services, you can prevent payment defaults from occurring in the first place. For example, you can conveniently obtain credit information from us and get to know your customers so that you can adapt to them accordingly.


Then arrange a non-binding consultation now and discover our intelligent solutions for successful dunning procedures.

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