International receivables management

Our globalized world is moving closer together every day. Digitalization continues to fuel international economic interdependencies. Never before it has been so easy to do business internationally and to capture market shares at a rapid pace.

These new times offer room for new opportunities and rapid growth. Established companies are only slowly adapting to the new development speed. Meanwhile numerous companies are taking advantage of the opportunities and expand their business abroad in order to tap new potential. However, internal processes often lag behind growth.

In this environment, it is crucial to organize international business with efficient receivables processes. At Demondo, we have specialized in this area and become one of the most effective partners for international receivables management.

Worldwide receivables at a glance

We provide you with uniform data handling for your international receivables management. Our exclusive software tool allows you to keep track of all international activities from a central workstation: one interface, one contact person and one reporting for your worldwide receivables.

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Simple and transparent – for your debtors too

We know from experience: The simpler the process, the faster outstanding receivables can be settled. So make payment easy for your debtors! With unique and uniform worldwide access.

No matter whether English, Spanish or Kiswahili – we offer transparent communication in all languages and enable secure payment with the local payment methods.

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