Demondo Performance Promise:
We will beat your current collection rate!

Demondo makes it easy for you: Either we improve your collection rate, or we pay you a share of the collected fees. How do we do that? You do not pay anything if we do not manage to beat your quota, you will get a share of your debtors' collection fees paid. We call it the ‘Demondo Performance Promise` as we stand by what we do. Arrange a non-binding consultation today and convince yourself of our intelligent claim solutions.

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Demondo performance promise – How it works:

Yes, you can test us!

Together, we agree on a challenging and realistic 12-month target rate for your procedures handed over to us. If we are unable to achieve the target rate during this period, you will receive 10% of the collected collection fees from us. In this way, we guarantee the highest possible motivation to successfully complete your processes.


We do not shy away from comparison and let results speak! Your success is our motivation! We will be evaluated according to the promised result. With our reporting options, you always keep track of your submitted procedures – 24/7 transparency! With years of experience, we have perfected our strategy to help you get your money and secure your customer relationships.

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What we do – how we do it – and what we offer:

Quick, transparent and measurable.

Track the progress with our reporting tool in real time.

We guarantee a polite and discreet operation.

You will maintain your reputation and maintain the relationship with your customer.

We operate all over the world.

Debtors abroad can use it to pay like a debtor living in Germany.


We will beat your collection rate!
We let ourselves be judged by our success!

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Not to mention, what is even better than a debtor who settles his outstanding claims? A customer who does not disclose a claim at all.

Yes, this is also possible - with intelligent and modern receivables management! Our experience has shown that most payment defaults can be detected at an early stage and can therefore also be avoided.

We rethink receivables management and develop processes that pay off! Discover our components for your individual receivable’s management.

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We let our numbers do the talking!

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Demondo Performance Promise for debt collection