Receivables solutions for utilities

No matter whether we turn on the water, need electricity or turn on the heating - as consumers we can generally rely on everything to work. Utilities in Germany stand for trust and reliability, and every household and company in Germany is a customer of one or more utilities.

Such a mass market provides great potential - but also risks, including late payment or even non-payment. The larger the customer base, the higher the risk. With our modern receivables solutions, we can support you with all issues concerning your receivables management.

Tailor-made solutions for utilities

Our solutions can be tailored to your specific needs. You can hand us over your receivables at any time - be it at the time of invoicing or right before the start of a collection process.

Our services can be modularly adapted to your systems. In addition, we provide a variety of possibilities to individualize your collection letters and workflows according to your specific customer groups. For example, you can create different workflows for your private and business customers.

Receivables solutions that suit your company

On request, we can offer you individual modules for your receivables management or take over entire processes for you: from invoicing to dunning and - if unavoidable - also to foreclosure.

Example for an individual DEMONDO package:

  1. Creation of the statement of account
  2. First reminder: friendly payment reminder and possible mention of an impending delivery stop
  3. Second reminder: concrete mention of the time of the impending delivery stop
  4. Customer information about the initiation of delivery stop, including the mention of further measures in case of non-payment
  5. Preparation of final account
  6. If necessary: initiation of a collection process up to execution.


We'd be happy to support you with modern and efficient receivables management so that you can concentrate entirely on your core business. Arrange your non-binding consultation now and find out more about our intelligent receivables solutions.

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