As an optician, do you often have to deal with defaulting customers? If so, you' re not alone in the industry. Does the following scenario, which we encounter again and again, sound familiar to you?

After you have given your customer detailed advice, he or she will order the frame of choice from you and commission you to manufacture the matching lenses individually and to place them in the frame. Shortly afterwards, the glasses are ready and the customer receives a message that they can be picked up at the branch.

You are looking forward to presenting your customer with the new glasses, but what happens? Nothing. Nothing at all. Despite repeated reminders, the customer does not pick up the new vision aid.

Advance payment without recognition

While your customer takes all the time in the world, you start to feel uneasy. You have made an advance investment for the customer and created an individual product for him. Therefore, this product is not suitable for any other customer. Until your customer decides to pick up his glasses, you remain stuck with the costs and cannot record any sales.

When you finally reach the customer he shows himself to be unreasonable. He seems to think that as long as he has not received the glasses, he does not have to pay for them either. In this way, you gradually become entangled in fruitless discussions that are not profitable but are simply a waste of time and effort.

At Demondo, we are convinced that anyone who makes such an advance payment for their customers deserves a partner who is just as committed. That is why we have specialized in intelligent solutions for opticians.

Stuck? We'll mediate!

We know the peculiarities of the optician industry. As your partner we can mediate between you and your customer. We'll aim to contact him directly and to finally clarify the situation.

Thanks to our both consistent and polite manner, we'll generally be able to persuade your customer to pick up his glasses, thus maintaining the business relationship with him. For you there is no significant effort involved.

With our optimized, efficient processes, we can take over receivables management for you so that you can concentrate entirely on your core business.

Your advantages with Demondo

  • We mediate between you and your customer.
  • You reduce your administrative effort and save time, money and hassle.
  • You can choose between a variety of services.
  • You secure the relationship with your customer.
  • You maintain your good reputation.


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