Receivables solutions for associations

Associations are an important force within the German economy and represent the interests of their members vis-à-vis the politics. They bring together a large variety of stakeholders in an industry, promote the transfer of knowledge and present new potentials and possibilities, such as modern solutions for managing receivables.

In order to open up new market opportunities, the member companies of many associations today focus entirely on their customers and even make advance payments for them. Unfortunately, they don't always get the recognition they deserve from these customers. As a result, conflicts and overdue receivables entail a large administrative burden and often cost more money than they earn.

The good news is that we at Demondo provide a surprisingly simple solution even for seemingly hopeless cases. To ensure that as many companies as possible get to know these opportunities, associations are our first point of contact. With their wide reach, they have a key role to play in spreading these new opportunities.

One solution, many success stories

Demondo sees itself as a worldwide specialist for your receivables management. We find demand-oriented solutions for your association as well as for individual target groups such as your members.

We have gathered a lot of know-how from the cooperation with numerous associations, including the hospitality, trade and medical sectors. That is why we understand what is important to you!

Together with you, we can develop solutions that give you and your members real added value on one of the most important topics: Ensuring that your customers pay you for the services you provide.

For this purpose, we can offer you and your members a broad portfolio of services:

  • Invoicing and reminders
  • Final commercial reminders
  • Collection procedure
  • Factoring
  • Judicial dunning procedure

Clear advantages –
modern solutions for you and your members

The idea behind what we provide is as simple as it is efficient: On request, we can equip your association with a powerful member portal. That is where your members can then place either individual modules or their entire receivables management in professional hands.

Alternatively or in addition, we can also provide a hotline and an e-mail address especially set up for your association. This is where your members can then find quick and uncomplicated advice on all matters relating to their receivables management.

Advantages for your members:

  • They can assign us quickly and easily.
  • We can take over the entire dunning process on request.
  • We always communicate in a friendly and sensitive manner to maintain a good relationship between your members and their customers.
  • Your members save time, money and nerves. Now they can concentrate on their core business again.
  • Special conditions, which are granted to them through the association - thus almost risk-free and free of charge (except for third-party costs: here the customer bears the cost risk). The individual members thus benefit from a framework agreement concluded between Demondo and the respective association

Advantages for your association:

  • With an association portal or a hotline, you can give your members a great deal of added value without actually incurring any additional expenses yourself.
  • You can provide a distinct advantage to attract new members and retain existing ones.
  • Your members perceive your association as an active helper and supporter.
  • You’ve got a professional service provider in the association who can advise you on all issues from invoicing to judicial dunning proceedings – a great added value when things are unclear.


We look forward to personally presenting our possibilities to you and your association. Get to know us and find out more about our intelligent receivables solutions!

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