Control and reporting – everything at a glance from a single desk



Our intelligent reporting tools enable you to keep track of all your activities - even worldwide - from a single central workstation. We'll take over the work for you, but you will remain in full control at all times. We can perfectly tailor the reporting to your individual requirements and leave nothing to be desired.

EasyDebt –
Reporting made refreshingly easy

With our EasyDebt reporting tool, you can keep an eye on your worldwide receivables from anywhere at any time. Using your personal customer account, you can find out about the processing status of your orders around the clock. The interactive map of the world or Europe shows you all current business activities in real time. It's child's play to determine the current status of the transmitted procedures, incoming payments and the underlying sums for each country.

Are you particularly interested in certain values? Then we can adapt the content and scope of the reporting to your individual requirements at any time. Statistics and evaluations can be exported as Excel files with just one click.

Your advantages with DEMONDO reporting

Together with you, we can develop your individual workflow and a reporting system that is perfectly oriented to your process.

  • You reduce the administrative effort and save time, money and nerves.
  • You enjoy full transparency.
  • You control worldwide activities from a central workstation.
  • You have full control over all running processes at all times.

Sie möchten am liebsten gleich starten?

In nur 3 Schritten leiten Sie den Prozess der letzten Mahnung mit uns ein:

  1. Sie übermitteln uns die fälligen Rechnungen per E-Mail, per Post oder bequem über eine direkte Schnittstelle in unserem Kundenportal.
  2. Wir verfassen für Sie die letzte kaufmännische Mahnung, die Ihrem Kunden verdeutlicht, dass der Vorgang in Kürze in den Inkassoprozess übergeht.
  3. Die durchschnittliche Zahlungsdauer verkürzt sich, Ihre Liquidität verbessert sich.

In unserem Online-Portal können Sie die Entwicklung Ihrer fälligen Forderungen in Echtzeit nachverfolgen. So behalten Sie alle Vorgänge jederzeit im Blick. Zudem bieten wir Ihnen die Möglichkeit, bei ausbleibender Zahlung fließend in den Inkassoprozess und gegebenenfalls in ein gerichtliches Mahnverfahren überzugehen.


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