Receivables made easy – all around the world

Whether at home or abroad – with our platform you can keep an eye on your receivables at all times and track all activities conveniently from a central workstation.

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Total transparency

Track your activities at home and internationally in real time.

More Flexibility

Customize the platform to your individual needs.

Central contact

You also have a central point of contact for a wide range of activities.

Discover your solution

Make short work of long processes. Whether local or international - with our solutions you achieve your goals with maximum efficiency.

Order to Cash


International Receivables Management


Centralized Receivables Management


Invoice to Cash


Demondo Paygate - The debtor portal

Keep an eye on all your receivables while also increasing your customers' willingness to pay. With our debtor portal, your customers can track open invoices at any time and settle them with just a few clicks.

Payment made refreshingly easy! Find out more about our innovative software solutions.

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These branches rely on Demondo

Each business sector has its own unique requirements. We develop solutions that are tailored to your needs.

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Rely on our Modules

Small changes can have a big effect. We provide you with the tools by which you can lift hidden treasures in your business processes.

Extrajudicial dunning procedures

Payment defaults can actually turn out well! With a lot of experience and particular sensitivity, we’ll support you in pursuing your demands while at the same time maintaining a good relationship with your customers.

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Final reminders

A small change that will significantly increase your customers' willingness to pay: With our service "Final reminder with DEMONDO" you can hand over your last commercial reminder to us.

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Debtor portal

With our innovative debtor portal, you can provide your customers with all the information they need to track receivables and pay them with just a few clicks.

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Today, the world offers us a variety of possibilities. But your new business opportunities should not fail because of complex systems! We make it easy for you and develop intelligent solutions that take you quickly and efficiently to your goal.

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